Judgement v Perspective


How often has your perspective of a situation clouded your judgement?  Or worse your judgement has clouded your perspective?  Past experiences can impact our perspective.  When we jump directly into judgement, we can close our heart to great potential and true reality of what is before us.

An open-heart approach can broaden our view and allow us to have a real experience instead of preconceived notions which often times have a negative tone.  When we react from a preconceived idea we often stifle our growth.  Some of these “judgements come from our own fears and ugly patterns we are still carrying around.  I know you have heard people who will say “oh that water is awful cold for swimming” or “that person reminds me of blank so therefore they must be like this or that…”  Do we truly listen to the person, give the situation a fair chance and/or take a bite of something to be sure or do we simply place judgement without having a real experience?

Perhaps elementary, but it is like introducing foods to a young child.  They must taste the food multiple times before they actually acquire a taste.  How many life experiences have you missed out on due to a preconceived perspective which led to a judgement of the situation which may have not been accurate at all?  When visiting other countries and cultures we can miss the little things, the true flavor of the environment where we are by placing judgement too soon.  I recently visited three European countries and multiple cities and really worked hard to listen to and see to believe the good in everything and everyone I encountered.  Wow, what a difference this approach made in my overall experiences.

I encourage you to reach out in your life and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves without any preconceptions or judgement.  Enjoy your journey with an open heart and an open mind.  Remember not all things are as they appear at first sight.  It is best to seek to understand the entire situation, allow ourselves to experience it before we live with a preconceived notion.

Have fun with life without judgement.


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