Is Passion Present in Your Vision?


Is Passion Present In Your Vision? As Steve Jobs stated ‘People with passion can change the world’

How we lead and who we lead determines the fate of our vision.

Passionate Leadership.  What does that look like for you?  Are you showing up as a strong Leader with a vision that is supported by your passion?

So often in our daily roles as a Leader we assume that those we lead feel our passion for the project at hand and they share our vision for the organization.  To actually take a moment and check-in with ourselves rarely takes place and as rare is the check-in with those following.  The perception of those we lead may not reflect our assumptions.  How we show up — with integrity, commitment and accountability — is just as important as why we do what we do and what inspires us.

It is the responsibility of a strong Leader to share your vision while encouraging others to follow. Your passion must be present for others to feel supported.  Passion is the fire within you that ignites those you lead.

When ‘authentic’ passion is present this will propel a person into taking action.  A strong Leader speaks with passion, emotion and energy to encourage high morale, fun and innovation within the organization.

Being courageous to share your passion with an open heart so that others can keep it ignited connects your organization.  Strong leaders empower individuals to create, think and develop innovative ideas which will provide your organization the ability to achieve the vision.

The vision is the long term goal and can lead you to accomplish the impossible within your organization.  Steve Jobs is an example of a passionate visionary.  His impact is still felt with the Apple organization to this day.  His journey brought us new technology that many thought was impossible.  He never lost his passion. 

My advice:

BE accountable to self — check-in to be sure you are in touch with the passion that created your vision.

Create a system that will assist you in being accountable.

Reflect on your leadership both in thought and writing.

Measure the growth within your organization.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  As always, I am here to serve and support you and your organizations.

Please feel free to reach out to me.

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