Humility – Living Authentic Living Transparent


This past week we have had the honor of celebrating the life of Arnold Palmer, the king of golf. This man was known not only for his success in the golf world but also for his transparency and humility in his day to day life.  Arnold led millions of people, known as his army to experience the magical world of golf.

Humility – Living Authentic Living Transparent

He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth — he learned at the knee of his day, but not in an exclusive venue.  Latrobe was a modest club, and Deacon Palmer was a self-made man who worked his way up from a grounds keeping job to the status of head pro.  It was skill and drive that got Arnold Palmer to the top, not money and connections, and his fans loved it.  See more at:

Humility – Living Authentic Living Transparent Arnie’s Rainbow over Latrobe

The definition of humility; a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

Arnold is the definition of humility and through living his life with transparency his impact in the world of golf touched many hearts.

I think of the quality of humility and being transparent that we do not focus on in the discussion of leadership.  Arnold’s army could relate to him.  He was the authentic example of how anyone, from any walk in life that demonstrated focus and drive could achieve success.  ‘Arnie’ was approachable to the public and expressed gratitude to those who supported him.  He never once placed himself above or before those he served.

Are we hiding in our Servant Leadership role or are we BEing transparent and authentic in our day to day lives?  How do others perceive us?  Can they relate to our humble beginnings?  Is humility and being humble present daily in how we show up and who we BE?

A famous quote of Arnold’s — “The Road to Success is Always Under Construction”

I know that who I am BEing will always place myself under construction with the focus of serving others first.  Have I always gotten it right?  No.  Will I strive to live my life with transparency, humility and gratitude?  Yes.

BEing under construction to grow and develop ourselves and those we lead exposes us to uncharted territory.  Accepting the reality that ‘good’ is not ‘good enough’ and allowing ourselves to be under construction will inspire, impact and influence those around us to share their authentic, transparent selves.  A true shift in how we view our road to success.

Success is not a destination; it is your journey.  A helpful approach is to not think about humility, but simply feel it.  Allow this way of BEing to take over moments of your day and see what happens.  Your authentic self can show up.  I practice this — but not as often as I should — when I take the time to really feel the gratitude in my life.

Will this be my first choice of how I live my life?  Always……..

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