How to Use Group Coaching for Leadership Development

How To Use Group Coaching For Leadership Development

It is estimated that there are almost 9 million people across the US in management positions. But being a great leader is about more than a job title. Group coaching can help managers develop into empathic, courageous, humble leaders who empower individuals and organizations to achieve their goals.

What Is Group Coaching?

Group coaching involves meeting either in person or online with other leaders from your own and other organizations. In small groups, you will learn how to implement Greg Aden’s principles in your personal and professional lives.

How Group Coaching Develops Authentic Leaders

Group coaching provides the opportunity to interact with other professionals and learn how to adjust your current behavior to be the best leader you can be. You’ll learn what integrity, accountability, courage, passion, and humility actually look like in a leader. 

Group coaching pools the experience of peers. It provides a forum for seeking others’ perspectives, problem-solving as a group, and promoting accountability and transparency. In group coaching, each person is working toward his or her own goals while simultaneously learning from each other and the lead coach.

Group coaching also provides an opportunity for limited one-on-one coaching and personalized instruction. You can assemble a group of leaders from your own organization, especially Human Resources, for group coaching. Alternatively, some of the leaders within your organization can join leaders from other businesses for this empowering training.

Unleash the Power of Group Coaching

Group coaching has the power to help you and other leaders in your organization learn how to implement proven leadership principles that build stronger teams. 

If you’re ready to learn more, why not schedule a 25-minute Discover Group Coaching call with Greg Aden today?

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