How to Promote Honest and Open Communication in the Workplace

How To Promote Honest And Open Communication In The Workplace

A thriving business relies on effective communication. Team members cooperate with one another, and departments work together to achieve shared goals. If individuals in your company are not freely speaking and honestly with one another, your company will not perform as smoothly as it should.

Many organizations now openly advocate for a culture of open and honest communication, yet most fail to implement it. You must take the lead if you want leaders and workers to exchange ideas and thoughts. This creates immense efficiencies within the communication channels.

Why Employees Find it Difficult to Talk Freely

Employees frequently find it challenging to open up and talk freely while speaking with their managers / leaders. Below are some of the most prevalent reasons::

  • Leaders rarely bother to ask employees for their thoughts, views, and opinions.
  • Leaders do not listen, respond, or take any action based on employee input
  • Leaders do not stop to look at the employee and acknowledge what they are saying. 
  • Leaders dismiss employees’ ideas, views, and concerns. 
  • Leaders become angry and confrontational, instilling fear of retaliation.

Employees are far more inclined to trust the communications environment that happens on a day-to-day basis at the office, regardless of how gleaming the “openness and honesty” posters in the halls are.

This indicates that your organization must develop an environment where management understands the importance of communication and people feel comfortable speaking out.

Opening up communication requires dedication and deliberate work, but the returns are well worth it. Here’s how to promote open communication to foster such an environment.

Start with Leadership

Honest communication in the workplace begins with open communication from leadership. If a workplace habit is to become routine, it must begin at the top. When managers and other top-level executives demonstrate great practices in communication, employees will observe communication in action and internalize it as a value.

Go Beyond Approachable

There’s an old business cliche about assessing an organization’s health by how quickly negative news travels up the management chain. Allow your staff to alert you to anything you don’t want to hear but need to hear by modeling open communication. Honest dialogue in leadership serves as a springboard for open communication throughout the company.

Encourage Feedback From Employees

A big part of improving communication is admitting to yourself that your employees have a unique and vital perspective on what is going on in your company and industry overall.

Inviting your employees to provide input promotes open communication. You demonstrate to them that you are aware that you do not have all of the answers and that you respect their opinion. Even if you believe your approach is foolproof, seek input from your workers. They have the ability to see things that you do not. They may help you avoid an expensive misstep while also creating an environment that fosters open communication.

Show Personal Interest

Getting to know individuals in your company on a personal level helps to break down some of the barriers that keep people from telling the truth. You begin to form ties outside of work as you get to know people personally.

Make an attempt to get to know your staff beyond their job responsibilities. Inquire about their weekend activities, how their children or parents are doing, or if their favorite sports team is succeeding. Taking an interest in workers shows that they are appreciated as individuals.

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