How Do I Occur?


Am I in-touch with how others perceive me?  

What is your perception of ‘self’ as you believe others see YOU?

How Do I Occur?

We are all guilty of being unaware at times of how others really perceive us.  Often times we would rather not take the time to truly know or we take it for granted that we are perceived as a great leader.  Our perception may not reflect the voices of those that we lead.

Reaching out to identify how others truly perceive you is not for the faint of heart.  Opening the door to actually reach out to those around you can be terrifying.

“Just Ask”

Am I in-touch with how others perceive me????

BEing completely honest with yourself and receive from those you trust most to be authentic and honest in their responses and feedback can provide you with valuable information to become the person, the Leader you intend to be.

I challenge you to reach out to those around you and truly seek their thoughts and perceptions of you.  Take the risk to be vulnerable and transparent to those you lead.

BEing Receptive with an Open Heart”

An open heart, an open mind provides personal growth.

The lesson in life is to accept that your beliefs are real, and their perceptions of you are true.  Accept both as opportunity, and continue to work on who you intend to be.

Putting this all together…..Your beliefs, their perceptions.  You may discover attributes or qualities that others perceive that you have not recognized in your self.  You may notice words showing up often from your respondents, and your own beliefs showing up in their perceptions.

BEing an authentic, inspired, influential Leader is based on “How Do I Occur?”

Allow this way of BEing to take over moments of  your day and see what happens.

Assess where you are in these areas, and then apply some focus and practice to see if it doesn’t open your eyes, heart and soul to becoming the Authentic Leader you intend to be.

See how it feels after a few weeks.  Let me know what changes you notice in the comments below, or feel free to send me an email; I’d love to hear your input!

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