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“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He/she is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

Ronald Reagan

Beyond the politics let’s take a look at the fundamentals of a truly great leader.

As we strive to lead others let’s consider “Are we empowering our team?”  Ronald Reagan truly knew how to achieve great things by encouraging others to use their talents.  A great concept yet we often find it difficult to let go, trust and allow individuals to let their light shine.  Listening to their ideas, their solutions will lead to extraordinary results for your business.  After all, as leaders we often are not in the trenches depending on the level of your role.

Great leaders must demonstrate the following skills to be effective in their role:

  • Have the desire and aptitude to motivate others
  • Identify talents in others
  • Accountability for themselves and others in all that they do
  • Ability to have courageous conversations
  • Lead with passion for the vision of the company
  • Be assertive in handling obstacles when they arise
  • Build trusting relationships

Leaders impact company culture in all that they do.  If you look at ‘best companies to work for,’ employees express they feel seen and heard and they know their work is valued by the organization.  This feeling of overarching confidence starts with how leaders serve, guide and lead those who are following.  Employees are invited and then allowed to drive the business with their talents which will achieve great results.  And all this ties directly back to the statement above.

Are you leading and trusting your organization, your people to do great things?  Or are you attempting to do it all yourself and still believe that it is all about you?  Take a moment and view your organization.  Who is not being utilized to their best capability?  Which of your own strengths are not being leveraged because your eye is not focused on others?  Where have you tightened the reins and need to let go?

Remember leadership is about serving the needs of others so that their light, their talents can shine in your organization.

Make your organization great.  It all begins with you.

In service,


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