Group Leadership Coaching vs. Private Leadership Coaching: Which is For You?

Group Leadership Coaching vs. Private Leadership Coaching: Which is For You?

There’s no doubt about it – leadership coaching works. A study by the Institute of Coaching found that 70% of people receiving coaching felt it led to “improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.”

The question is, then, not whether or not to engage with leadership coaching but which modality will work best for you. Both group leadership coaching and private leadership coaching have benefits the other can’t provide. Let’s explore the advantages of both so you can choose a path that will empower you to be a more courageous and empathic leader.

The Benefits of Group Leadership Coaching

In the past, the advantages of group coaching were not as clearly understood as they are now. It’s not just for newbie leaders; it’s a valuable tool that even the most experienced managers can benefit from. One of the key benefits is accountability. 

You’re accountable to a whole room full of people, not just a single coach. And they’ll hold you to what you said you would do! It also provides a forum for exchanging ideas that one-on-one sessions can’t. Group coaching exposes you to a wide range of other perspectives and may help you to see new ways to improve your professional practice. 

Group coaching that includes leaders from the same organization can be particularly valuable. When more of you are trained to open up and be vulnerable, it has the power to make the leadership group in your organization more self-aware, humble, and sincere.

The Benefits of Private Leadership Coaching

Private leadership coaching provides a safe space for leaders to be vulnerable and receive tailored support in a confidential environment. As you work with a coach for several weeks, their understanding of your needs will develop, and the program can become increasingly specific to your needs.

Private coaching sessions typically take place over the phone or by videoconference and can be scheduled to fit around other work commitments. This approach is ideal for senior leaders with little flexibility in their schedules.

Private vs. Group Coaching: Which One Wins?

Both private and group coaching have their own strengths. Group coaching is beneficial for leaders at all levels. It allows you to take a look at yourself from several other people’s perspectives. You may hear things you don’t want to, but constructive comments can help you become the humble, approachable, and inspiring leader you want to be.

Private leadership coaching is perfect for senior leaders who are transitioning to new roles. For example, if you’re moving from being a manager to a director, you may need to adjust your approach. One-on-one coaching can address your specific, private concerns and help you make a successful transition.

Choose Aden Leadership for All Your Coaching Needs

Whether private or group leadership coaching is the best fit for you and your organization, Aden Leadership has the right program for you. 

We offer group sessions that focus on a single organization and ones that gather professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Our private coaching can help you address the big questions that will take your leadership skills to the next level.

Schedule a discovery call today to learn more and find the right fit.

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