Gratitude…How is this Showing Up in Your Leadership?


We hear the word gratitude so often in daily conversations, social media and always throughout the holidays.  Thanksgiving is centered around gratitude, thankfulness and of course food.  My ask…what meaning does gratitude have in your life, your relationships and your leadership?  How is it showing up and is it showing up for you?

Leading a team of individuals may be challenging and provide many opportunities for personal growth for you and the individuals who follow you.  Showing up with gratitude can be a powerful tool in your leadership.  It is a proven fact that gratitude impacts neurons in the brain.  Being in a state of gratitude helps you to feel good and to also see the positive things in your life and frankly the lives of others.

Demonstrating the practice of being in the state of gratitude will impact your daily life, the culture of your team and influence your relationships in a positive way.  A leader showing up in gratitude has an edge to make sudden changes or adjustments when performance is low.  Respect is high from others as gratitude and empathy also demonstrates appreciation of others which provides more loyalty and confidence in your leadership.  Gratitude is attractive to others.  We want to engage with happy, optimistic and powerful people in our lives.  Being authentically grateful for where and who you are is contagious as it also promotes ownership related behavior.

Being in gratitude helps you to avoid getting stuck in a negative cycle when challenging situations arise.  You avoid resistance and complaints of individuals (victims) feeling that they are not getting what they want or deserve.  Your team will be more cohesive when changes need to be made.

Gratitude Practice: Consider something like this each morning…, as you awake and are still in a relaxed state, just feel what you are truly grateful for in that very moment.  Simply allow yourself to feel what is inside and place a focus on the good stuff filling you up.  There are times where I feel something that needs action that morning.  A quick call, text or simple email letting someone else know that I am grateful for our relationship, our time together or something we have shared in the past..

I encourage you to join me….

“I AM Grateful for …….” is a great start. My ask for each of us is to list at least five people or moments, big or small, that we truly feel grateful for in our lives. Do this for 20 days and soon you will have 100.  It is less about hitting a number bur more about adding the practice of gratitude into you life if not already.  My promise is the practice will be very positive for your heart, your relationships and your well-being.

Thoughts from your servant leader,


For more information about this Greg’s feelings of gratitude

2 thoughts on “Gratitude…How is this Showing Up in Your Leadership?”

  1. Throughout my professional career I’ve heard a great deal about Servant Leadership! Aden Leadership helped me better understand it. Since learning more about it, I’ve seen it demonstrated very well and not so well. With Aden Leadership, Greg infuses so much more in the true meaning a Servant Leader, and “Gratitude” is yet one more way of how Greg shows us that having an attitude of gratitude is another defining moment for being a great leader! I enjoyed reading this post and have started my…I AM Grateful for list!

  2. Greg,
    It was great seeing you in Tempe.
    One thing I will add to gratitude practice is that when I lay in bed at night before falling a sleep, I review the day and ask myself a question “Did I give everyone I interacted with today what they wanted from me?”

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