Expectation v Agreement – You Decide!


So, you have decided to create agreements with those you lead providing clarity of your communication.  You may ask yourself, where and how do I begin this process?

The meaning of agreement is to have harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling; a position of agreeing.  I have shared the frustration that many leaders face when they speak their expectations and wonder why they are not met.  We often expect people to just know what we want.  Disappointment sets in when what we expect is not delivered. This may impact relationships with family, friends, clients and coworkers.

To avoid being disappointed and/or misunderstood please seek agreement right up front.  It really is simple and starts with a question, “Do we have agreement?”  Remember, it is always okay to ask for what you want.  It is when leaders attempt to tell people “I expect this…” and “I expect that…” and without asking for agreement they open the door for confusion.

In order to focus on agreement, be courageous in your conversations with others. Share what you want and what you know to be best for all involved.  Being open and honest in your communication will allow others to have confidence in your leadership as they know exactly where they stand and understand they have the freedom to speak freely and ultimately have the choice to agree or not.

Remember…..Avoid Expectations as they may lead to disappointments. Expecting so much of others while not seeking agreement you will waste a lot of time and energy.  Agreements are created by being courageous and authentic with our language. Honor yourself and the other person by asking for what you want.

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