Distance v Culture – Redefining and Redesigning Our Connections


We have the capability to interact through various communication platforms (Zoom, BlueJean, Skype, FaceTime etc.) so that we will stay connected with our peers and teams.  So why now?  Beyond the obvious reasons prohibiting traditional face to face, in person meetings and gatherings.  Right now being emotionally intelligent and creative reminds everyone in your world that you care…even though you can’t truly feel them in person.  Organizations will now adapt a new way of connecting, engaging and learning to keep the business going and remind people they are the only reason we have businesses.

Did we really need a virus, pandemic or crisis to create or use existing ways to communicate with one another?  Nope, just a good reminder for some. Give this a thought, “Let’s meet for a cup of coffee one morning this week” just became a whole lot easier and saved both organizations lots of time and money.  I know, nothing like being there.  But only those professional coffee drinkers are sad as their “purpose” is now gone for awhile.

Let’s quit the woe is me with isolation this, stay at home that, my spouse is driving me nuts etc.  Love how you will actually show up for those who are following you and have fun with your leadership showing them a whole new side of you.  Fight it or embrace it.  You will communicate as powerfully as being there without all the unnecessary expense and fanfare that most people (except those with big egos) really don’t need.

Via Zoom, just like in a meeting room, you can structure conversation to be timely and just.  You still start with alignment on key issues, produce agreements to support these decisions and put new plans into place and press go.  Next meeting after some completion, you review results and move on to acknowledgement…ahhhhh the Cycle of Performance and we didn’t leave the house.

Listening, yes listening, will guide you to take the lead and adjust the agreements to set the team up for success.  This is the time to be creative and frankly have some fun with everyone worrying less about appearance and more about substance.  You can still dress to the nines just no one will see your shoes😊.

The wasted time standing in security lines, late flights, poor service in the airport, airplanes, restaurants and hotels have all been eliminated for you.  And so has the good service too. The point is create your surroundings and upgrade your backdrop, add lighting, plants and color to your office.  You are free to communicate like never before.  Do something that makes you and those around you feel like all will be just fine.  We will all get through this… help is everywhere around you. Meanwhile, we have jobs to do, people to serve and agreements to honor.  The only thing that has changed… we don’t have as many places to go.  Focus on what you want (connection) and less on what we don’t have (lack of social gatherings).

We must create and sustain the communication culture when distance is mandatory.  So decide how are you going to connect and developed relationships couldn’t be more important right now.  Keep those connections alive and build new ones.

Culture through connection in some form or another is written within many mission and vision statements.  I encourage you to be redefine and redesign how you communicate with those who follow you and clients who want/need to hear from you.

Please reach out if you want help with how to develop your leadership or create better leaders within your organization.  We will discuss over a cup of coffee and you don’t have to go anywhere!

In service,


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