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Are you truly feeling the joy of the season through all the different roles you live every day?  I have shared over the past year some of my magical moments with peers, family and my sons. As a leader we create the environment for magical moments.  Seldom does magic fall from the sky or rise from the earth and I recognize we have routines and responsibilities with or without the holiday season.

So then how and when do we really create magic and create it more often?  What experiences do you want to see turn into memories?  One answer and suggestion is be present.  As often as possible be in the moment.  We’ve talked about this before…the most precious moment is now.  Tomorrow is coming, reports will be due, obligations will continue and notices via texts and emails won’t stop.  I am reminded by those I lead how difficult this is as we finish up 2019.  But does it really matter if it is year end, quarter end or July 4th?  You are either prepared or you are not.

Being present is the answer and this notion is supported universally amongst leaders.  If this is so, then why do we miss so many opportunities to create magic? Do we become distracted?  Or something deeper like we really lack the confidence to play and win or we are not worthy of these victories and experiences?

In order to create magic and experience what you want, you must first focus on what it takes to reach the end.  So, as you are keeping the end in mind, remain present and try spending a lot less time living in your Inbox.  As a leader, we must set the example of how to handle the immediate temptation to respond to the bing or whistle noise stating you have mail, text, message etc.  We will never be productive if we are always responding or replying to email.  Get out of your inbox and into your task and project list which hopefully you have methodically loaded these items directly into your calendar.

Crazy?  No. Simply focus on what you said you would accomplish during the time and day you agreed to.  We mean to honor our word to self and others.  It really is a natural desire built in all of us. However, great leaders do this routinely.  Stay present, stay focused and you will be more productive, build relationships and create some magic!!

Where we place our focus and intention is typically most important to us.  Likewise, if we are looking at emails, reviewing social media posts and texting while in the presence of others, please don’t expect them to feel important to you.  Your lack of presence will be obvious and nothing needs to be said☹☹

I challenge you to start a new trend as we finish up 2019.  Be in the moment as often as possible.  Recognize when you are and when you aren’t.  What will trigger you when you stop and how do you get back (to being present) when you want to?  Really try to be available to enjoy each interaction with your clients, family and friends.  Things come up, stuff happens etc. that needs immediate attention.  Excuse yourself, address the situation efficiently and return (physically and emotionally).  Magic happens when you are present.  Allow yourself to slow down and enjoy creating more magic to experience what you want!!


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