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Are you just hanging around or are you truly connected with those in your community?  How do you know, and do you really care?  Are deep meaningful connections important to you and your work or will a world of Followers and Likes to serve you and your goals?

We are all a part of a world that provides enormous opportunity to connect with others.  Examples today are social media platforms, networking groups, special events and travel. No matter where you live in the world the internet will provide a way for you to be seen and heard.

So, may I ask, of your social connections, who are you truly in connection with?

Behind The Profile

Of the hundreds of contacts that may exist in your world right now, how many individuals would express to you that they have truly felt seen, heard, and valued by you?  Are you just acquainted, or have you truly engaged with the person behind the social media profile?  To many this is a silly thought.  We assume that with a click of a button we are connected. I have asked myself how I can deepen the relationship and how I may be of service to them?

Remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail”?  It was a novel idea in 1994 that you could actually meet someone so special over the internet.  That was the beginning of a new era which has vastly grown to be a part of our everyday lives.

Quality Over Quantity

If we wish to lead with our hearts within our organizations, we must get to know the individuals we have connected with in order to build connections. This then leads to engagement and trust. Many reading this know what a trusting and engaged relationship can mean to both parties and their common goals. It is often uncomfortable and overwhelming to be intentionally taken care of in a relationship whether that be at work or otherwise. We can connect with anyone, even people with six degrees of separation, but we cannot create connections with just everybody. And we shouldn’t! It truly is about quality over quantity. How will you develop connections with those individuals you are acquainted or connected with? May I challenge you to start now by reaching out to just a few of the people that you have connected with and schedule a time to talk. Be courageous. Ask questions. This time should be solely focused on getting to know this person with no agenda.

Knowing the goals, strengths and opportunities of your connection with these individuals will provide the insight of how they fit in your organization and your life.  If not a fit, then let them go.

Strong leaders set themselves apart from others by listening to the hearts of those they lead with in their organizations.  Please take the time to slow down and communicate to create the energy that can exist between two people when they feel seen, heard and valued.

 “The business that leaders are in today, is the business of transforming awareness…There is deep longing for more meaning, for connections.”

~ Otto Scharmer

In service,


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