Come Together At THE LEADERSHIP Development Day


Leaders often think that they should stand alone while they manage their own difficulties and some think they need to be perfect and/or have all the answers. Not necessary at all.  In fact, we must realize that it’s our shoulders, not your shoulders. 

During a meeting regarding our upcoming LEADERSHIP Development Day a colleague said if we work together, we get better together. This couldn’t be more true as we enter into the new year and get closer to this exciting virtual conference.. 

I never wanted the ‘Day’ to be speakers preaching to an audience. It is important that this day be about listening and sharing in the midst of challenging times where we continue to find ways to support one another. And during our preparations for the day I am finding more purpose in the ‘Day’ to reveal and manifest through every conversation my team has about bettering THE LEADERSHIP Development Day. 

Experts and Servants 

Nothing will be done in complete quality and growth by a single person. I have hand selected some of the top leadership, communication and relationship experts to share their stories. And the attendees will be challenged to think and feel different throughout the event. They are also servants within their families, companies and for their clients.  Each of the speakers bring a powerful message in a serving way. When we open up our hearts and minds to the skills and ideas of others, as I have seen in these past couple of months, we will surpass what we attempted to accomplish alone. I believe that THE LEADERSHIP Development Day has the ability to open up doors and allow new light and fresh air into our intentions and desires for the year. This day opens up space for new conversation, to hear people’s stories, to connect to humanity again, and in the end become better leaders. 

The Doors We Will Open

THE LEADERSHIP Development Day is about coming together again. It’s about acknowledging that we can’t do this on our own and in fact we shouldn’t. We are better for asking for help, we are better for appreciating people for their own skills, we are better for setting aside one day to grow as a leader, a parent, a human. 

I am so thrilled at what we have been able to accomplish together to create THE LEADERSHIP Development Day. It is literally a dream come true. I wouldn’t have been able to do it with each team member’s strong skill and eye for quality. Let yourself be open to the ideas and feedback on the other side of the door. We can’t wait for you to join us on the day, register now!  The event will be professionally produced to increased engagement and connection.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

~ Henry Ford

In Service, 


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