Alignment Creates Accountability Group Coaching Course

"Find alignment with your team and focus on priorities."

Discover how to lead creative and collaborative solutions with team members.
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Seeking Purpose and Results Through Alignment

Today’s environments make it hard to get everyone on the same page. Come experience why alignment, integrity, and accountability are critical phases of creating a successful project every time.

Four Sessions for $379

Join fellow Leaders on the path to find alignment and reach Your goals

Four Powerful Sessions for $379
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Cohorts: Where Alignment Meets Accountability

Session 1: Start With Agreement, Finish With Acknowledgement:
Understand the importance of communication in all phases of the cycle.

September 12th at 1:00pm

Are you ready to create success with your teams by spending time on alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability? You will learn the value of creating agreements versus relying on expectations. 

Session 2: Aligning Teams for Success:
It all begins with alignment. Create agreement and strategies for effective collaboration and communication within the cycle.

September 26th at 1:00pm

The best teams focus on creating agreements. Creating agreements, not expectations, is a critical aspect of building and maintaining high-performing teams. When a team is focused on creating agreement, it means the members prioritize effective communication, collaboration, and alignment of goals and objectives. In this session, you will be working on your own Outcome Statement for an upcoming project.

Cohorts: Where Alignment Meets Accountability
Cohorts: Where Alignment Meets Accountability

Session 3: Create Focus and Harness Integrity:
Aligning values and behaviors for consistency throughout the process. Enhance the integrity within each member of the team.

October 10th at 1:00pm

The key to success lies in finding joy in your work and fulfilling your commitments. Harnessing your passion may be the easy part, but staying organized and on task is not. Your calendar is both a trusted ally and a powerful tool, guiding you toward productivity and efficient use of time. Now that you’ve achieved alignment, you can leverage your calendar for optional focus.

Session 4: Tie it All Together:
Review, preparation and practice for better performance and results. Leverage your newly learned resources.

October 24th at 1:00pm

Phase four of the cycle is critical for team success going forward. Most often teams do not make the time to review and course correct therefore there is little to no accountability going forward.  The advantage of creating accountability through  acknowledgement and review is overall team success. 

During this phase you will look back on what worked, what did not, and why. This phase is imperative for continued personal and team growth. Recognizing, evaluating, and making necessary adjustments will lead to time, cost, and energy savings in the future. When the team fully embraces this “cycle,” they will truly benefit from its rewards.

Also in this final session, we will spend time practicing and reviewing what you have learned and will apply it to future projects to help prepare you and the team for success. In short, Tying it all together to help you understand the relationship between alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability. You now have a solid tool to create predictable results for any size project.

Cohorts: Where Alignment Meets Accountability

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