Choice in Leadership


Choice In Leadership

Choice. Each day we face many decisions and make numerous choices that impact and influence our lives and the lives of others around us. Just the simple choice to “not do anything” can have an impact. For example, what is the first choice you make when you get up? Do you start your day with exercise? Meditation? Reading? Coffee? Food? How do you greet the first person you see in the morning and in what frame of mind? Our day goes on and on with simple, but critical choices.

When it comes to servant or service leadership, do we choose to be leaders in our relationships or simply manage them? When we communicate with others, are we coming from a place of spirit or ego? Do we get into our process, or do we apply immediacy to our plan and actions? Do we decide to mask our true feelings, or do we show up as authentic, real and vulnerable with those around us?

These are questions true leadership asks, and it is up to us to make choices. Consider HOW you make choices. Do you choose what is easy, automatic or routine, or do you choose with intention? In other words, do you lean into your heart and soul and make choices that speak powerfully about who you ARE and what you WANT?  When we lead from our hearts, we avoid making choices out of ego. When we lead from our hearts, we are serving others because we are serving a higher purpose. HOW you choose makes a significant impact on being a powerful leader in your own life, and leading powerfully by example will touch those around you.

So, these choices we make, be it with language, behavior or action, will produce a variety of results and relationships. Take a minute to filter these key choices and decisions through integrity, accountability and empathy, and see if the end result isn’t just that much more powerful. A choice made from a place of authenticity and integrity often leads to greater performance, allowing your confidence to grow and, in turn, elevating your next level of choice and decisions. So, take advantage of compounded, positive choice making.

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