Building Trust in Culture

Building Trust In Culture

Building trust in culture is one of our two critical leadership topics in our Leadership Development Series Part II, taking place on August 11th.
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It’s an unfortunate reality that new employees don’t inherently trust the new environment they find themselves in or even the people around them. It’s even worse to think that many corporate environments do nothing to build that trust in culture. 

Trust is an integral part of healthy relationships — both on the job and off — and contributes greatly to improved communication, teamwork, commitment, and productivity.

Thankfully, it’s not an impossible task. A good leader or leadership team can build trust in just about any setting. While it can be a challenge without guidance, with the right strategies, it is more than possible to build trust.

Why We Need Trust in Our Corporate Culture

In its most basic form, trust can be defined as a person’s willingness to be vulnerable, admit fault, and be honest with another person. When trust is properly developed in a culture, it is mutually beneficial to both the leaders and the ones whom they lead. Trust is an integral part of effective communication and productivity and, therefore, cannot be ignored.

A breakdown in trust in the command chain in any business or corporate setting is tantamount to a breakdown in operations. While you want every team member to feel welcome and trusting of their leaders, you also want business to run as smoothly as possible; both can be accomplished by building solid trust in culture. 

On top of making a more productive environment, trust can also contribute to better employee retention. Employees who experience trust in culture are happier in their jobs, have better relationships with leaders, and will stay in their positions for longer.

Developing Trust in Culture

Developing trust in culture is no small feat; this is made evident just by briefly peering into the corporate cultures of so many businesses. 

So, trust is important, and it can also be elusive — so what can be done

In our Leadership Development Series Part II, coming up on August 11th, 2022, we will discuss just that. The first half of the day will feature four of our keynote speakers on the following topics surrounding trust in culture:

  • Peter Lynch – “Contagious Culture: the art of engagement in an age of disruption.”
  • A conversation with Rachel Ragsdale and Angie Noack of Braincode on “The Neurology of the 1%.”
  • CJ Bachmann – “Leading by Example Will Build Trust.”

In just a few hours, we will heavily cover the strategy and art of building trust in culture, along with a number of real-world examples.

After the morning session, the afternoon session will cover diversity, equity, and inclusion. It will be a day you won’t want to miss if you want to truly develop yourself as an effective and trustable leader who encourages inclusion, teamwork, and productivity no matter where you go.

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