Appeasing vs. Serving


Where are you showing up but not serving your relationships?  Go ahead and take a moment to analyze your key relationships; the ones you know to matter.  You know “the who,” I am asking about “the how.”  How do you serve them and is it serving or are you appeasing (coddling, placating, pacifying, etc.) them?  If so, why? What is the benefit of showing up this way?

Here is “the what” you may be missing.  Being courageous, open, and honest within your relationships will help them and you grow immensely.  Would you not want all those who mean the world to you to be that way with and for you?  I would. 

I am not suggesting you be harsh, rude, or dismissive.  However, I do suggest you serve them with the honesty they deserve from their leader or partner, or friend. What makes all this easier?  Make agreements in these relationships. This may not look like sitting down and signing something. It could be just deciding what each person needs from the other, it will create more comfort in each interaction.  Listen and then listen some more.  You will always serve someone at a higher level if you feel most comfortable providing feedback, input for growth, and wisdom from a place of knowledge delivered from the heart (not your head).

Do a bit of inventory with key relationships and ask yourself, How am I showing up for this person?  Am I appeasing or am I serving?  Please, consider the latter; when they walk away or hang up, they will feel appreciated, heard, supported, and understood. 

Besides, isn’t that your truth?

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” 

~ Maya Angelou

In service, 


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