Adaptive Leadership in Changing Times

Adaptive Leadership In Changing Times

The recent COVID pandemic opened the eyes of leaders, parents, and people generally in positions of authority worldwide. Our eyes were opened to the fact that the status quo can be challenged and broken radically, successfully, and without question in an instant. This means that our positions, beliefs, and leadership styles must be adaptive and change with the changing times. 

Effective leadership absolutely requires adaptability. If you can’t adapt as a leader, those following you will be at a disadvantage as their settings continue to change. 

If you want to be an adaptable leader, you have to realize a few essential facts:

  • Reality is often ambiguous and multiplicital
  • Teams and groups have an inherent need for collaboration
  • Everyone has varying levels of resilience to change
  • Leaders must adapt to changing circumstances to effectively lead and teach

Now, it is easy to say that leaders need to adapt to changing circumstances, but much harder to put into practice.

People communicate differently and react differently to new stimuli, so if you want to adapt to change as a leader, you must communicate differently in different situations.

Here are some examples of how a leader can adapt in changing times:

  • Be adaptable with means of communication. If videoconference is better in one situation and in-person better in another: make the right choice. On the other hand, what about email vs. slack messages, vs. a quick call or text on the phone? Don’t get too stuck in using just one or two means of communication if others offer advantages.
  • Be flexible with time. Now more than ever, we have interruptions to our team members’ lives in the form of physical and mental health crises, either theirs or their family’s.

If you’re looking for more information on becoming a creative and adaptable leader, check out our upcoming webinars and events.

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