Let the Chips Fall Where They May


Good morning from Denver.

Are we overly cautious at times and too often overthink everything OR do we trust our instincts, preparedness and let the chips fall where they may?

Let The Chips Fall Where They May Let the chips fall where they may….

This distinction, like the one before (Reasonable v Unreasonable) reminds us that balance and being ready for what life brings us is critical to powerful relationships.  Are you ready most, if not all the time?  If so, please don’t overthink your position and drive through life with one foot on the brake.

Background:  It is important to understand and somewhat defend being cautious.  We can all appreciate why some of us are naturally more cautious than others.  Our parents, bad experiences, too many quick decisions, not prepared etc.

Let’s assume for a moment this basis is similar for most of us.  Also, no one is suggesting that we act reckless or without care.  I believe you know by now that service leadership is the complete opposite.  So, the recognition of this distinction supports enjoying life and its’ flow while placing your best into the flow each day as we “let the chips fall where they may”.

Again, trust yourself that when prepared, well read, healthy and wise the right things will happen for you and life will deliver exactly what you deserve.  Lastly, there doesn’t need to be eggshells nor the need to surround ourselves with people who create eggshells for no reason.  (The only eggshells in my life come from organic eggs on the way to creating a spinach, mushroom, bell pepper omelet)

Being cautious isn’t being courageous nor is living in fear going to allow for success.  Enjoy your chips, the chips you have earned and play them as you wish.  You won’t run out, I promise.  Just play them, just let them fall where they may and enjoy your life.

Expect to succeed and show up with a big heart and open mind.  Trust those around you especially your team….Your focus shall be to to grow your team.  Team Grow!!


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