The ROI of Consistent Leadership


Let’s begin with the definition of consistency: steadfast adherence to the same principles, behavior, treatment, course of action, or form.  It may not feel easy at times, but consistency comes up often in my coaching work as clients are looking for reliable and predictable behaviors to produce reliable and predictable results.

 The Returns of Consistency

Being consistent brings huge ROI (Return on Investment) based on how you show up for others. Imagine for a moment your consistency improved by 20% over the next six months. It would create habits and ease in processes we implement; what a profound effect this commitment would have on our lives!!

How are you showing up in your life? Do you show up spontaneously? On-time? Do you stick to your word and values? The people you serve must find stability in the organization to feel secure in sharing and growing their work. Imagine how this will provide a more reliable experience for your customers, clients, colleagues, and family members. You could provide clarity for your team and agree on values of behavior and performance that align with your mission and how you want your organization to show up in the world. These are just some returns that consistent behavior brings to those you serve:

      • Faith in Leadership
      • Trust
      • Engaged communication
      • Powerful example to emulate
      • Efficiencies of time

Consistency is powerful and easy to record and measure. Are you ready to shift the commitments you make to yourself and others to inspire the returns listed above? It is not always easy to be consistent, but we are not striving for perfection, just a commitment to growth and reliability. Think of interactions with your children, followers, and partners; how often do you stick to your values and word rather than giving in to ease?

 Consistency takes commitment. The ROI levels up our integrity and accountability giving us the strength to lead with consistent behavior and action.


          “Your consistency says a lot about your commitment”  

~ Rasheed Ogunlar

In service, 


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