A look inside may drive critical shifts…..

When is the last time you looked inside you?  I mean really look inside?  How is your structure in your spine, your hips and shoulders? Are you running at a hundred percent efficiency?  Where are you blocked or stuck from moving freely as you once did?

Just like with the mental and emotional part of who we are BEing, our physical body also needs to be in sync.  The only way to really know is to take inventory of the whole picture.  To go beyond curious and investigate thoroughly what might be the root cause of some of the pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.   If you are focused on what is not right you are missing great opportunities to create greatness.

I bring this up because I had a stiff shoulder which I thought at first was a frozen shoulder. Then upon further review of the x-rays which included my neck it was discovered my neck was in an interesting position that needed some immediate correction.  Also, below my neck we discovered my lower back L-5, 4 and 2, were out of whack which needed some immediate correction as well.

My point is, I may be able to continue for the rest of my life “dealing with some slight discomfort” whilst not knowing.  However, by slowing down and having the courage to look inside, I can now address the root of me as me.   Meanwhile, I can continue to work on nutrition, exercise and other major issues. 

We will never be our original selves, but we can return to the fine-tuned engine that produces greatness over and over again.

We do the same thing when we hire a coach either for personal or professional development.  We start with taking a deep look inside and take an honest evaluation of where we are now.  We then put a program in place to eliminate the bad patterns of BEing, while feeding the heart, soul and mind with solid healthy thoughts and ways of BEing that serve self and others.

So go beyond curious and take a look inside.  Test your blood, have a few x-rays taken to find out what foods are best for you and what exercises and stretches are best for you.  Which foods are causing you to be tired? As far as the x-rays, all I can say is they are very, very telling.   Discovering how your body is has shifted inside will provide you with the information needed to become the BEing that is truly connected with the self you say you want to be going forward.

Yes, water, nutrition, exercise and rest are vital for what the overall body needs.  My compliments to those of you out there doing all of this. That’s not the point.  Slow down and take a real good inside look even to be sure that the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is the absolutely best for you and your whole self.  My request is to take the body in for more than a routine check-up once a year.

BEing authentic and honest with how you are truly feeling, physically and emotionally will help everyone around you.  By the way, when have you leaned into a few of those you truly love to find out how they are doing inside?  What is the real answer you hear and how will you serve them when “not good” is their response?

BEing an effective Leader in all areas of your life begins with you taking charge of self.  Taking time to BE in-connection with you so that you can BE the authentic Leader who connects with those you lead. 

A very special thank you to the following people who listened and assisted me in taking a real look inside:

Thank you Karen for all your continued guidance and support.

I also want to thank Dr. Kristen Zawada, DC of Pure Life Chiropractic for your courage to push my look inside.

Julie Peláez www.consciouscleanse.com to hear where I am really coming from with food and being courageous in making powerful, honest suggestions.

Thoughts from your servant leader….