It's Time to Take the Path to Better Leadership

You can become a credible, sincere, and successful leader. With Greg's guidance, you will learn the art of empathy and service to lead teams, improve life at home, and achieve your lifelong goals.

Leadership is about serving those around you with purpose and empathy.

Greg helps motivated professionals align with their purpose to become more engaged, influential leaders.

Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose so that you can lead as your most authentic self.

Higher Engagement

Achieve higher levels of engagement with your team, friends, and most importantly family.

Envision Outcomes

See the vision and direction your team needs to go more clearly as you guide your organization to success.

Stronger Bonds

Communicate with empathy and humility, which build strong, long-lasting relationships.


Meet Greg Aden

Through consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements, Greg and his team will challenge you to commit to your role as a leader with integrity and empathy by serving others before yourself.

The results will include higher engagement with your teams, seeing the vision more clearly, and leading a more profitable organization. Greg’s strategies also help people in their personal lives. Learn to lead by example for your kids, have honest and open communication in marriage, and have the empathy needed to develop strong friendships. 

Five Principles of Leadership:


You are your word. Do your truth and beliefs align with your actions and behaviors?


Are you holding yourself accountable for all of your thoughts, words and, actions? This is critical to creating real & authentic relationships.


Be courageous with your word. Speak powerfully for what you want and what you believe to be true. Having courage is not about eliminating fear but rather addressing whether the fear(s) are truly real or imagined.


Be passionate towards a vision. Your vision, team vision, organizational vision.


Listen to understand. Understand the feelings of another. This is human kindness.

"What do you want and what are willing to do to lead better?"

Greg Aden

There is Power In Purpose

Greg challenges leaders like you to be your authentic self in all areas of your life. By giving you the skills and strategies to align with your purpose, you are free to live authentically into the leader you want to be.

Greg serves organizations and helps business professionals — committed leaders and decision makers — to up-level their relationships for personal and professional success while creating a stronger business. He does this by creating efficiency through shifts in language and reshaping behaviors. He develops good leaders into great leaders. There is strong proof that predictable results will follow living these proven principles. The foundation of his unique leadership coaching and consulting model is based on two powerful questions, “What do you want?” and “What are you willing to do to get there?” However, Greg gives leaders the skills they need to be their authentic selves in all walks of life—to find alignment and balance with their own purpose by focusing on what they say they want and will do.

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